About Us

Welcome to 30Mins food & Tiffin Services

30 mins tiffin service is a humble attempt to fulfill the need of eating right, in your day to day life. It was started by people who faced the challenge themselves, working long hours and compromising their health every day. Our core team consists of a Home maker, who takes care of her family English Lecturer, Management professionals and a Software Entrepreneur who faced the problem himself after moving to a different city. The unique combination of these people is the secret recipe of why our meal subscribers love to eat with us.
We Provide Tiffin for offices/Bank /School/PG / and Students .Homemade food. (We believe in offering fresh & Hygienic foods to our customer).

FOOD (Shudh shakahari)
Catering to the vegetarian Tiffin with an assortment of shudh shakahari bhojan is 30MINS TIFFIN SERVICES. The regular Tiffin consists of Vegetables, Dal (Rajma, channa etc.), Rice and Roti while the Special Tiffin includes a serving of paneer bhurji/ shahi paneer, Dal (Rajma, channa etc. ) , Rice and Roti            We provide 100% Hygienic & Vegetarian Food Services all over Mohali.
We also provide services regarding Canteen and Pantry along with Catering services for special occasions and events like, Pooja, Party & Corporate Get-together orders etc. . All services can be well fit according to your Budget.
 (Tiffin – Bulk orders) :  Tiffin menu can be changed as per customer Requirement.
Normal Thali/Tiffin: Rs 50/-
Special Thali/Tiffin: Rs 120/-

We aim to provide the very highest levels of service & reliability. Our commitment to you is total and we want you to be always 100% satisfied with the quality and efficiency of our service.